How to keep it K for P this week

Monday marks the beginning of Passover, which is simply one of the more dreaded Jewish holidays. If you didn’t know, Passover is a week long observance where carbs and high fructose corn syrup are out of the picture. You heard me right – no bread, no sugar, the ultimate unwelcome detox. Your diet for the week is essentially Paleo-certified, and it’s no easy feat to make it through the whole week maintaining your Kosher for Passover status. I’ve compiled my best tips and words of wisdom so that you can more easily keep it K for P this year.

  1. hookah-tobacco-white-peachFruit is your friend. It is key to your survival that you consume copious amounts of fruit this coming week. Considering all of your favorite snacks are the furthest thing from Kosher, it’s much easier to snack on an apple than do extensive research on food labels. It may not be as enjoyable, but Passover isn’t necessarily the most celebratory holiday anyway.
  2. You can keep it Parve while still living large. Just because it’s Passover doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Sure, the week will consist mostly of fruit, water, and so many carb cravings, but if you can survive Yom Kippur, you can do anything. You can still eat well while keeping it K for P, it just takes a little willpower. matzo
  3. Matzoh is your lifeline. This may seem like an obvious one, but matzoh is the ultimate gift when it comes to Passover. Need to eat breakfast? Pretend it’s a bagel. Need lunch? Matzoh pizza. A snack? It’s basically a large cracker. Dinner? Matzoh brie. Stock up on boxes as if you were stocking up for a hurricane that will be lasting a month.
  4. Don’t think about how much you love pasta like you usually do. This will only lead to tears and more cravings. Passover is for the week, not for the weak. 9ce40d348ea2084e1f226abbadd29ca3
  5. Drink all the water. No better way to get your mind off of the fact that all you want right now is bottomless breadsticks like drinking gallon after gallon of water.
  6. Go for Starbucks instead of Einstein’s for your morning joe. Being surrounded by bagels and other delicious carbs will only fuel your cravings. Skip out on the cheap coffee just for this week and ball out on a $5 Starbucks cup instead. It will be better for your mindset in the long run.



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