Kale Cookies? No Thanks.

My Facebook timeline is always inundated with recipe videos, usually teaching the viewer a simple way to step up your kitchen game when it comes to cooking pasta or cake. But today, I watched something totally different, and I have a lot of opinions.


Kale chocolate chip cookies. Just when I think I’m beginning to understand the kale trend, someone has to be the one to ruin it for everyone. Kale chips – understandable. Kale smoothies – fine. KALE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES???? NOT. OKAY.

What person thought it would be reasonable to make the only dessert that never disappoints, disappointing. The kale craze must have boundaries, and this is where I’m calling it. Using kale as a healthy additive to already healthy meals is logical. However, adding kale to chocolate chip cookies only:

  1. Completely misses the point of the health sacrifices you willingly make when deciding to bake cookies.
  2. Makes the cookies less enjoyable because they’re now laced with leafy greens
  3. Defeats the purpose of eating kale and eating cookies.

I somehow seem to be in the minority in this. Spoon University, who covered this monstrosity – and even encouraged it – believes that as long as you finely chop the kale, it will actually enhance your cookie-eating experience.

As someone who doesn’t blink an eye when recipes include kale in them, I did a double take at this one. Kale in cookies? A little questionable, I thought. But if kale can go undetected in smoothies, pizza, and other desserts, why not cookies? Enter these chocolate chip kale cookies.

A little questionable? I beg to differ. I’ve tried the avocado brownie trend and the black bean cookie recipes; I’ve been there. I just know that this is so not worth it. No dessert should ever be green unless we’re talking about mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Photo by Emma Lally

Maybe it’s just me that doesn’t see how this snack could be any bit appetizing. I like kale and I like cookies, but I can’t see myself enjoying these two very different food items as a cohesive unit.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.57.50 PM.png
Or, you know, don’t.



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