The Great Cookie Debate of 2017

There seems to be a countrywide (possibly worldwide) debate on whether the unnaturally bright-colored Lofthouse frosted cookies are tasty or nasty. You know, the ones that are at the very edge of the bakery section of your affordable super market (think Shoprite, Publix, etc.) because you can’t quite call these delicacies “bakery items.” However, despite their probable eternal imperishability and minimally redeemable nutritious qualities, these cookies have been the backbone of bake sales and classroom parties for as long as I can remember. They’re nut-free! Trusted by moms! They are everything!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.31.57 PM.png

The country is as divided on this issue as in the 2016 presidential election – I mean, it’s that intense. I may be biased in saying this, but THEY ARE SO GOOD AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE DON’T LOVE THEM, TOO.

Social media users in every corner of the Internet have had something to say on the topic; emotionally charged tweets about the fluffy frosted cookies have been plaguing everyone’s timelines. BuzzFeed compiled the best opinions from Twitter on what they call “the tweet heard ’round the world” where Twitter user @taysux felt it necessary to bash the cookies descended straight from heaven. This girl may have wrongly assumed she had the right to make a comment on such a topic, but she started the debate that made me realize who I need to cut out of my life ASAP.



Even Tasty, a trustworthy source of easy and delicious recipe videos that are 98% of your Facebook timeline – the other 2% obviously being pictures of someone’s baby – had to (correctly) weigh in. This is how you know this is a big deal, and not just reaching a niche audience of meme lovers or food aficionados.


The fake news about the cookies apparent flavorless taste infiltrating social networks is too much for me in this post-election world. If the dichotomy of opinion afflicting all of us in this debate means I have to defend my case to the death, so be it. THESE COOKIES ARE FABULOUS.


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