Sushi itself just isn’t enough anymore

What happened to the good ole days where you would go to your favorite Japanese restaurant and order sushi like it was meant to be made? What happened to just having the option between hand rolls and regular rolls? What happened to the simpler times?

Now, there is this rising trend to eat sushi in any way that isn’t in its classic roll form. Rather than ordering a typical spicy tuna or California roll, the options span wider than ever thought possible, and people are finding more creative ways each day to get their raw fish fix. I discovered there is such a concept as sushi donuts yesterday, and that is when I realized this is 2017 in America and I should already be used to expecting the unexpected.

Poke bowls have become increasingly popular recently and I’m on board. It’s a Chipotle-style meal, in that you essentially are eating a deconstructed roll in a bowl, much like a burrito bowl. Customers forego the classic sushi experience and have more room for personalization. You pick your rice base, toppings – like avocado and seaweed salad, and fish of choice. A poke bowl restaurant just opened in my apartment complex and I am pumped.

Along the same lines of Chipotle-style sushi, sushi burritos have been taking the world by storm. Wrapped in rice seaweed, eating a sushi burrito is pretty much like biting into a never ending piece of sushi. I haven’t tried one because I’m hesitant about the ratio. When you eat sushi, it’s all about the perfect bite. An overload of rice in comparison to the fish and avocado could ruin the whole experience. However, there are restaurants specifically specializing in burritos in all major cities like D.C., Toronto, and Miami.

And lastly, sushi donuts. I literally just don’t understand it. This innovation by ProjectPoke looks more like my Sunday morning bagel with lox than anything else, and aside from being extremely photographable, I can’t comprehend the appeal.

I’m still partial to the original way of eating sushi, but as a food blogger, I feel like it’s my personal responsibility to go out of my way give these all a try. Updates to come…


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