Updates and such

2017 is the year of “realizing things” as Kylie Jenner would so descriptively put it. Since beginning this class, I’ve realized I enjoy reading lifestyle blogs more than reading any other type of blog. I’ve also realized it is hard enough as it is to blog about TV and entertainment on one blog, let alone come up with enough ideas for two blogs.

So, in the past two weeks, I’ve realized that I want to hone in on one of my original jumble of ideas for this blog. While it is too broad to be just a lifestyle blogger – especially considering my lifestyle isn’t grandiose or lavish – I am taking one focus of lifestyle blogging for my blog. It’s too much and too confusing to not have a central focus like I had earlier. Rather than a mess of entertainment posts and food posts, I’ve decided to stick to one of those themes.

Welcome to “Sami Blogs 2.0.” I’m going to be posting mainly food related posts. As you can tell by my first two posts, it’s going to be a mix of DIY recipes and reviews. I’m not a food connoisseur by any means, but I love to try new restaurants and products to find new favorites.

I have big ideas. Being in Miami – seemingly the Sunday brunch capital of the world – I want to try out the most recommended brunch spots in the Coral Gables area. I want to improve upon my cooking abilities, attempting more difficult recipes than a three-ingredient bean dip. I want to explore my blogging brand – keep my witty, millennial-oriented writing voice, but strengthen my vocabulary and professionalism. I want to find my niche audience, and target my content toward the very specific people who would enjoy reading about ice cream alternatives, of all things. I want to get better at taking food photos, and somehow incorporate Carbdashians into my posts. I want to learn from the people that do food blogging best.

If Miss New Foodie has taught me anything from her seamless integration of food instagramming and food blogging, I think this will be a great departure from my comfort zone. It will also encourage me to venture to new cafés and try new dishes. It may break the bank some weeks, but it’s all for the good of the cause.

If it’s any indication of my dedication to this idea, I’m baking creative brownies as I type this post – on top are marshmallows and pretzels for decoration and deliciousness. Check out the photo above for how they turned out – I can personally say they are mouth-watering.

Hope “Sami Blogs 2.0” makes you stick around a while longer.


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