A Super(b) Bowl of Bean Dip

I am not a chef and I will be the first to admit it, and definitely not the last – ask anyone that’s witnessed my attempt preparing meals. However, the Super Bowl is this weekend, and it is basically America’s official chips and dip holiday. So, as the proud owner of a food blog, I mustered up the courage to create the easiest possible bean dip recipe I could find on the Internet. If I hadn’t eaten the entire dish immediately after removing it from the oven, this would have been a hit at any Super Bowl party.

It all began with a can of refried beans that had a cat food-like aroma, and the least expensive salsa and cheese blend I could find on the shelves. But it only went uphill from there.


To get past the pungent scent of the beans, I immediately topped it with salsa. The dip started to come together and it looked delicious already. Then again, I could eat salsa with a spoon and nothing else.


Next came my innovation. I live by the motto “an avocado a day keeps the doctor away,” so naturally I had to sneak it into the dip somehow. With the avocado and the salsa, who needs a separate guacamole? The slices definitely made all the difference.


To top it all off, I sprinkled the cheese the way countless hours watching The Food Network teaches you.


And voila; after 25 minutes of anxiously hovering over the oven, my beautiful concoction was ready to be devoured.













There are several things I learned from this process:

  1. My kitchen has bad lighting. If I pursue my realized affinity for cooking dips, I’m going to need to invest in serious studio lights (kidding)
  2. The cheapest ingredients at Publix still make quality results. This dip cost me about $12 to make when all was said and done and it tasted like a $12 appetizer at a decently-rated restaurant, except with 4 times the amount of dip.
  3. The Super Bowl is the best excuse to eat great dips. There should be as much hype around chips and dip for all major sporting events so this doesn’t have to be a once-a-year type of thing.
  4. Cooking isn’t as difficult as I once thought! My mom would be proud to know that by my own standards, I could make it on “Chopped Junior” with the skill I acquired creating this dish.

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