Atypical reads, good reviews

Amy Davidson

Davidson’s writing is so visual. I noticed that she really put the reader in the room where it happened simply by using fitting descriptors for details I would never think to include. She is partisan but poetic. While I do my part to keep up with politics, it can often be difficult to enjoy the content from months ago in the wake of the results of this election and the increasingly shocking policies of each coming day. I found that her blog posts, however, were easy to read as she eloquently put the thoughts I personally can’t communicate in writing.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Mostly blogging about race and politics, Coates is impassioned and vivid. He offers opinions that aren’t easy to articulate – he is critical of the Clinton campaign (with openness for interpretation), he talks of his dissatisfaction with the O.J. Simpson trial and the culture surrounding it. He has the ear of Obama and has transcribed a series of phone calls he held with the former president. In general, he is a well-spoken and expressive writer, but his blog wouldn’t be one I would choose to read on a regular basis. I don’t believe I am his target readership as it is, which I assume is a primarily black audience.

Rose Eveleth

The first post I chose at random, happened to recount some history of the mall just 10 minutes from my home in New Jersey, and apparently Eveleth’s as well. Aside from the pure coincidence that we have many shared experiences as realized by that post, overall her writing aligns with the type of content I like to read. She writes of personality matrices with an accusatory humor aimed at people who live life adhering to the guidelines of what they are told by BuzzFeed and the Meyers-Briggs test is their personalities (hello, me). Needless to say, this is the blog out of the three that I enjoyed exploring most.


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