The Blogs I ❤️

I’m a millennial; I closely relate to the stereotypes attached to the generation label. I am obsessed with social media, and I read about and watch other people’s lives like they are celebrities. This only makes sense why my three favorite blogs coincide with those ideas, for the most part.

Miss New Foodie

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-2-35-38-pmEmily of Miss New Foodie blogs about life as a 20-something in New York City. She’s an NYU student and famous food Instagrammer. Her blog is more lifestyle-centered than strictly food, and she gives insight to her favorite beauty products, TV shows, workouts and advice. The blog has a very minimalistic feel – something I hope to achieve with my own blog. The focus is on the photos, with quick headlines and subheads, and not much text otherwise. Visually, the blog is colorful and bright, which aligns to her personality and writing style. Emily’s posts are witty and informal. She writes as if you were friends catching up over a cup of coffee.


Aspyn Ovard

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 2.45.28 PM.pngNot much of a departure from Miss New Foodie, Aspyn Ovard is also a lifestyle blogger best known for her YouTube channel. Aspyn is constantly traveling – as her full-time job as a vlogger and “beauty guru” on YouTube often sponsors her lavish vacations. Her posts are often centered around her best memories from her trips, fashion – as she is also a store-owner, home decor, and beauty. The blog, like Miss New Foodie, is photo-oriented, so the text is minimal. While it makes sense for her content to be focused on the visuals, I will definitely be writing more than 100 words per post and using much fewer photos. Overall, her writing voice is similar to mine, and I am always reading her new posts as they are released.


At Home – Magnolia Market Blog

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-2-54-29-pmI’m a huge fan of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. Between the adorable, shiplap-loving, Texan couple that hosts and the beautiful home renovations each week, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine like most normal people are with the Kardashians or the housewives shows stars. I watch the show, I read their quarterly-published journals, and of course keep up with Joanna’s blog posts. The posts are mainly recaps of the episode most recently aired, with bonus content like closeup photos, commentary on design choices, and interviews with the new homeowners. The blog is visually very aesthetically pleasing. The colors are warm and inviting, yet modern, just like Joanna’s interior design.


I recommend checking out each of these blogs! The bloggers have unique perspectives and publish creative content; they are definitely worth the read.


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