The First of Many

As mentioned in my About Me page, I have a passion for food and TV. You can find me on my couch watching my favorite program eating snacks at almost any free hour of the day.

I watch just about everything a cable subscription can offer. I have an affinity for sit-coms and intelligent humor. I also watch home renovation shows like it’s my job. I am guaranteed to like any political show there is, whether serious or satirical, and could probably quote anything Olivia Pope or Selina Meyer has ever said.

Just as much as I love watching TV, I love writing about it. I like creating content that relates characters to real life situations, and finding commonalities between reality and the fictional stories we tune into every week. But I do that already on another blog, so I want to shake things up a bit.

While I still plan to write about entertainment here – because it truly is my biggest passion – I want to tie in my ardor for food. Considering a portion of my life revolves around going to restaurants and ordering the most photographable item on the menu for my food Instagram, it would be an exciting addition to write about those experiences as well.

All in all, it might be a mess of a blog merging two ideas that seemingly don’t belong together; time will tell!


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